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Why Camming With Independent Models is Superior to Adult Chat Sites

October 1, 2012

For many years the big box adult chat sites like MFC, Streamate and others have dominated the adult webcam market. But with changes in technology and payment options, many camgirls have decided to work independently, leaving behind the hassles of the large sex chat sites. I believe that this trend will continue as more models realize the benefits of working for themselves and more viewers see the benefits of engaging with independent camgirls, rather than those who work for the mega chat sites.

The reasons that camming on Skype or Yahoo (or any of the numerous video chat clients available) is a better experience for the models and viewers are really quite simple. Check it out:

  1. Cost – The big box adult chat sites keep a very large proportion of the money earned by the models for themselves. On most sites, it amounts to 50% to 70% of what the model earns! As a result, the models have to charge a higher rate in order to make enough to support herself. This means that customers end up paying more for private shows on sites like MFC than they would if they had a private show with an independent model. Typically, a private show on one of the adult chat sites will cost from $4.00 – $7.00 per minute while a private show with an indie camgirl typically costs between $2.00 – $4.00 per minute.
  2. Privacy – When camming with a model on Skype or Yahoo, the viewer can be certain that he is getting a truly private show with no one else watching. This is not typically the case on the mega chat sites because nearly all of them allow “spying” on private cam shows by other viewers on the site. In the world of the mega chat sites, if a client wants a completely private show, with no one else allowed to watch, he will pay a premium even above the $4.00 – $7.00 rate. However, ALL shows on Skype or Yahoo are truly private so both model and viewer can have an intimate experience without the distraction of knowing others are watching or chatting during the show.
  3. Intimacy – While some of the big box chat sites support cam2cam between model and client, many do not. And even those that do have a little secret that most adult cam show viewers are unaware of. While the viewer sees the model in full screen, the view that the model has of her client is typically in a VERY small window. Most viewers probably assume that when they are in a private cam2cam session with a model that the model has the same view of him as he does of her. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. The chat sites only provide the model with a small window for her client’s cam so that she can continue to see what is going on in her room. In  contrast, a private show on Skype provides the model with the same view of the client as he has of her which makes for a much more intimate and erotic experience.
  4. Enjoyment – Just about any model who has done shows both on the mega chat sites and independently on Skype will admit that Skype shows are more enjoyable for them. And if the model is having fun, you can bet that this will translate into a better experience for the viewer as well. Independent models thrive on the personal interaction that is afforded on Skype as do most viewers. Having participated in both types of shows, I can say from experience that as a viewer there is no comparison. Shows with indie camgirls on Skype are FAR AND AWAY better than any I have ever had on a big box chat site.
  5. No Rules – Except for the limitations set out by the models and clients themselves, there are no rules governing what goes on in an independent show on Skype. Many adult chat sites don’t allow models to perform certain types of acts, but on Skype the only rules are those imposed by the two participating adults. Of course, this is not a license to commit illegal acts, but there are some legal things that the large adult chat sites don’t allow. Camming on Skype allows model and client to do what they want in complete privacy.

The road faced by the independent cam model is not an easy one, but the rewards can be great. The key is to inform skype sex fans that there is another, better option  than the typical big box cam site. Independent camgirls are providing this superior experience, and at a lower cost, than can be done on the adult chat sites. There is no question that engaging with a model on Skype or Yahoo is a better experience for both the viewer and the model. The only question is how to get this information to the viewing public. And that is the whole goal of CamModelDirectory.com – to provide a place where independent models can advertise their services and clients can find models who provide the true private shows that they are seeking. In this new camming paradigm, every will benefit, except the MFCs of the world that is.

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