About CMD

About CamModelDirectory


Do you like to engage in adult chat sessions with beautiful women and men?
Are you tired of dealing with the restrictive rules and lack of privacy on big-box chat sites?
Do you prefer the privacy and intimacy provided by one-on-one adult chat sessions on Skype?
Do you have trouble finding reputable webcam models for Skype dates?
CamModelDirectory can help. We are the largest directory of independent webcam models providing adult chat on Skype and other video chat platforms such as Hangouts and Discord. Every model on CamModelDirectory has been verified through our extensive verification process to ensure that the model you see in the photos is the same model you will see on cam.


How it Works


Private Shows on Skype


All the models on CamModelDirectory offer private shows on Skype. There are a number of advantages to using Skype for adult web chat over the traditional big-box adult chat sites including:
– Skype shows are more intimate because it is only you and the model in the chat session.
– Skype has better video quality than most other video platforms.
– Skype is an open platform that allows more freedom between you and the model.
– Skype is more private because there are no site admins or other clients spying on or recording the show.
– Models generally charge less for Skype shows and prefer doing them because they earn a higher commission than shows done on the big-box cam sites.


Other Services and Products


In addition to selling adult webcam shows, models on CamModelDirectory also have the ability to sell other services and products including

Videos – Models can upload videos and sell them through the site. They may also produce and sell custom videos for clients who desire something more personalized.
Picture Sets – Models can use the CamModelDirectory platform to sell photos.
Snapchat – Models can sell access to their Snapchat account so that clients can view her sexy Snaps.

Private and Secure Payments


We provide a discreet and secure payment system that protects your privacy. The models never have access to any of your personal information. All sales are processed by our PCI compliant payment gateway and we do not store any of your personal information. There are never any hidden fees or recurring charges. You will be charged the exact amount that you select and not a dime more. All purchases made on CamModelDirectory will be shown on your card statement as cmd-dir.com.


No Membership Required


It is not necessary to become a member of CamModelDirectory in order to purchase services from the models. However, if you do create a member account, you will have access to additional features such as expedited checkout, the ability to leave reviews and add favorites, the ability to purchase videos, and a history of all your purchases. No credit card is required to join.


CamModelDirectory offers a new and better way to engage in private, safe, and discreet cybersex with your favorite webcam models.
Give us a try today and we are confident you will agree.


Verification Process


We at CamModelDirectory take pride in the fact that all the models listed on the site are 100% real, 100% authentic and 100% live. In order to provide you the assurance that the model shown on the site is a real person providing actual live, adult cam shows, we have developed a verification process that all models must submit to before they are allowed to advertise on the site.
All models listed on CamModelDirectory have successfully completed our verification process. The verification process consists of 4 steps:

The model must provide a verification photo holding a sign with the date and the word “CamModelDirectory” written on it.




A CamModelDirectory staff member conducts a video chat session with each model to ensure that she/he is the same person shown in the verification photo.




A staff member verifies that the photos in each model’s profile are representative of the model’s physical appearance during the verification call.




We require the model to answer several questions to ensure it is not simply a video recording during the verification call.






We want every cam session to be a great experience for both clients and models. That is why we have developed this verification system. As a CMD client, you can trust that the model you meet within private is the same one you see in the model’s photos. We don’t allow fakes on the site.
In turn, models should not have to prove themselves to potential clients through free previews.
It’s a win – win situation and something that only CamModelDirectory provides.


Model Signup


Whether you are new to the adult webcam industry or are a seasoned veteran, CamModelDirectory can help you take control of your career and put more money in your bank account. We are dedicated to helping you promote your services and maximizing your profits. We cater to those models looking to work independently without the high fees and onerous rules typically associated with the major adult chat sites. The big-box chat sites charge very high fees for the right to use their services, frequently 50%, 60% or even 70% depending on the site and how long you have worked for them. They usually have very strict rules about what you can and cannot do in your chat room and during private shows.
At CamModelDirectory, we believe there is a better way.
We provide following services:



As an independent model, you need a way to promote your services and get noticed by clients. CamModelDirectory is a highly trafficked site with thousands of visitors viewing our content daily. Unlike most other sites where models only have one profile page which rarely gets updated, models listed on CamModelDirectory can place multiple category listings to promote various services and products. Listings can be used to market cam shows, Snapchat, digital content such as videos, or any other legal products and services.


Payment Processing


Getting paid for your services as an independent model can be a huge challenge. CamModelDirectory has solved this problem and provides all models with the ability to accept credit card payments for your shows and products. As a model on CamModelDirectory, you keep 75% of the first $500 of your earnings during the month, and 80% of your earnings over $500 during the month. You will be paid weekly (one week in arrears) via Paxum or Direct Deposit. Under most circumstances, you will not be liable for any chargebacks that occur.




We at CamModelDirectory pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support. We offer a variety of ways to submit your requests including email, site contact form, and Skype. Regardless of how you contact us, we will respond within 24 hours or less.


Get Started Today


CamModelDirectory can provide you with all the services necessary to be a successful independent cam model.
Even if you work primarily on one of the big-box adult chat sites, most models have at least a few customers who desire the more intimate experience provided by shows on Skype.
CamModelDirectory can help you service those customers without having to give up 50% – 70% of your earnings to the chat site. It’s your money, so why not keep more of it? Fill out our online application today to get started as an independent webcam model. If you would like to take control of your business and start working as an independent webcam model visit our model registration page now.


Model FAQ




By joining CamModelDirectory, you will become a member of the largest directory of independent webcam models on the Internet. We have thousands of visitors each day who are seeking private, adult webcam sessions from models like you, and they are willing to pay for such an experience. By creating a profile and placing ads, you can include your contact information, the services you offer, pricing information, photos, social network links and even a link to your own website. There is no better place to grow your sales and become a successful independent model than on CamModelDirectory.




You may place one listing in each category that you are qualified for. Your listings never expire and will remain online until you either delete them or you remove your profile from the site. Each time you place a listing it will show up in the What’s New page and will be tweeted to all CamModelDirectory followers.




Yes. You may log in to your dashboard at any time to update existing listings or create new ones. When you log in to your dashboard you will see all your listings. To modify a listing, simply click the pencil icon to the right of the listing. This will take you into edit mode where you will be able to make changes to the listing including the text and photos. You can also delete a listing by clicking the trash can icon to the right of the ad.




We believe models deserve to paid a fair percentage for the work they do, which is why CamModelDirectory has one of the highest payout rates of any webcam site. Unlike most big box chat sites that pay models a 35% to 50% commission rate, CMD pays a minimum of 75%! And the more you make, the more you will be paid. You will earn a 75% commission on the first $500 of earnings during the month. You will be paid an 80% commission on all earnings over $500 during the month. The commission rate resets at the beginning of each month to 75%.




If you forget your password you can reset it by using the “Lost your password?” link on the model login page. This will generate a brand new password and send it to you via email. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t receive the email.




Your online status is determined by being logged in to your CMD dashboard. If you are logged in to CamModelDirectory, then your status will show online. If you are not logged in to your CMD account, your status will show offline. Your online status will update immediately when you log in or log out.




Models may upgrade their profile to featured status by placing a bid. Typically there are 10 spots available that are sold on a weekly basis. If your bid is one of the top 10 submitted for the week, your profile will be updated to featured and your bid will be deducted from your payout. Being a featured model includes the following benefits:


  • Featured models are included in the Featured Models slider at the top of the home page.
  • Featured models have the “Featured” ribbon on their profile which makes the ad stand out from non-featured ads.
  • Featured model profiles and ads will show up first in category listings and search results.
  • Only 10 featured model spots are sold at a time in order to maximize the value of this premium service. With over 1500 models listed on the site, the featured model premium service will give you a high level of additional exposure.



There are two conditions that determine the order that profiles and ads are displayed on CMD. The first is online status. Online models are always displayed before offline models. The second is amount of sales for the previous seven days. Based on these two conditions, the model who is currently logged in to her CMD account who has the most sales during the previous seven days will be in the number 1 position. The model who is currently logged in to her CMD account who has the second most sales during the previous seven days will be in the number two position (and so on). The only exception to this rule is for featured models. Models who pay for the featured model premium service are listed before unfeatured models regardless of sales.




No! All clients obtained from your listing on CamModelDirectory must use the CMD payment system. Using Paypal as a payment method for any adult related services is a violation of their acceptable use policy and is also not allowed by CamModelDirectory. Violation of this policy can and will lead to the termination of your Paypal account. They can also seize any funds that are in your account and even levy fines against you. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use Paypal, Giftrocket, Amazon, Payoneer or any other payment method as payment for your shows. Doing so will lead to the termination of your CMD account.




No. Unlike many other sites, CamModelDirectory assumes all responsibility for chargebacks. We use sophisticated anti-fraud tools to combat fraudulent charges that are likely to result in chargebacks. CamModelDirectory does reserve the right to terminate any model’s account if they have a large number of chargebacks submitted against them.




No! CamModelDirectory will never ask any model to perform a show or provide nude photos as part of the verification process. There are scammers who frequently contact models on Skype pretending to be associated with CMD and asking for nude shows in order to be verified. CamModelDirectory will never ask a model to do nude verification so you can be certain that any such requests are coming from a scammer. Please block anyone who contacts you claiming to be from CMD and asks you to do a nude verification show. Be sure to report them for abuse as well.




Yes. First, all photos must be real photos of you and not someone else. Second, we do not allow any photos that show exposed genitalia (e.g. vagina, penis, scrotum), anus or sex acts. Bare chests and breasts are allowed. Third, photos should be of good quality and at least 480 x 480 pixels in size.




Yes. First, you may only submit ads in categories that apply to you. Second, ads may only be submitted for LEGAL goods and services. Some examples of items you may advertise include cam shows, videos, pictures, sexting, underwear and role play. No ads for escort services are allowed.




Yes. You are welcome to include a link to your personal website in your ads and profile. However, you may NOT include links to any other commercial webcam or video sales sites.




There are two types of listings on CMD. You can create cam show listings and you can also create video listings. Video listings allow you to upload your video to your profile so that clients can purchase and download them. Be sure to include a detailed description of the video’s contents.




Create a short video that is two minutes or less. Then, login to your CMD account and go to “Edit Profile”. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you locate the “Teaser Video” section. Click the “Upload File” button and select your teaser video. Once the video finishes uploading click “Submit”. Once we approve your teaser video it will show on your profile.




As a listed model, you may submit support requests in one of three ways: 1) submit a support request using the site contact form 2) send an email to support at cammodeldirectory.com 3) submit a request via Skype. All models are given access to a Skype ID where you can get immediate assistance. In all cases, support requests will be answered in 24 hours or less.


Member FAQ




CamModelDirectory is designed to help adult webcam performers connect with clients looking for these services. Camgirls and guys create a profile and ads to promote their erotic services. Viewers use this site to browse or search the listings and find a performer that fits their interests. Viewers are not required to register, provide an email address or a credit card in order to find and contact a cam model. However, payment is required in order to engage in adult chat or an erotic webcam show with the models.




CamModelDirectory provides viewers with a one stop shop to find camgirls that offer the services you are looking for. Viewers are able to search for models based on specific keywords, or browse the listings by category or listing date to find an adult entertainer. Viewers can contact any of the cam models by using the contact form on the ad or via their Skype ID. Viewers do not have to register to use the site or contact a model.




Some models prefer to only give out their Skype usernames to paying clients. All profiles and ads on CamModelDirectory have a contact form that you can use to message the model. Simply fill out the form and the model will receive an email with the information you include in the contact form.




It is important to understand that the models who advertise on CamModelDirectory make their living by providing erotic, live sex shows. They do not perform for free. Be sure follow the below rules when engaging with a model:


  • Do not ask for free shows. The models get paid for their time and do NOT work for free. Asking for a free show is likely to get you blocked by the model.
  • When you contact a model, whether by Skype, Yahoo, email or other means, be sure to let them know you saw their profile on CamModelDirectory so that they will know you are a potential client and not just a random person contacting them.
  • Always contact the model on Skype or by email prior to paying for a show to ensure that she is willing and available to perform for you.
  • Do not attempt to call a model without first paying for the service. Doing so will likely get you blocked by the model. You should send her a message via chat or email to arrange the show prior to paying however.



Models on CamModelDirectory only accept credit card payments for their shows through this site. We process credit card transactions through our secure, PCI compliant payment partner. This means they have met the rigorous security standards required by Visa and Mastercard in order to process credit card transactions, and your personal data is kept secure at all times. Moreover, models never have access to your credit card information. All charges through CamModelDirectory will be discreetly listed as “IndiePartners” on your credit card statement. Paying for a show with your credit card does NOT involve any recurring charges. All payments for services are a one time charge with no hidden fees. You choose how much you want to pay and that is exactly the amount that will be charged to your card.


Under no circumstances will a model accept Paypal. Do not ask models to be paid via Paypal. Using Paypal for adult services is a violation of their acceptable use policy and will result in the termination of yours and the model’s Paypal account. Furthermore, Paypal may levy fines against those who violate this policy and freeze any funds that are in the suspended account.



Yes! CamModelDirectory does not share any of your personal information with any other parties, including the models. No one outside of the CamModelDirectory staff has access to any of your personal data such as your name, physical address, phone number, credit card details or any other personally identifiable information. Additionally, CamModelDirectory does not store any credit card information on its servers.




CamModelDirectory goes to great lengths to ensure that the models who advertise on the site are real models providing live adult webcam shows. Every model listed on CamModelDirectory has undergone our verification process to ensure that they are legitimate webcam models and that the photos on their ads are real photos of them and not someone else. Additionally, all models who advertise on CamModelDirectory must agree to our terms and conditions which specify that they must use real and accurate photos in their ads and that they must provide a live show to paying clients. To date we have never had a customer report that the model who they saw on cam was not the same model they saw in her ads.




The only situation in which is refund allowed is one in which you pay for a service, and the model does not provide the service. Such situations are rare and are usually a result of miscommunication. Dissatisfaction with a service that a model provides is not grounds for a refund. We can only provide a refund if payment is made via our payment processor using the payment button on the model’s ad or profile. If you pay for a show via any other means we will be unable to issue a refund. All refund requests must be submitted within seven days of purchase. No refunds will be provided for transactions more than seven days old.

CMD will not issue any refunds if no initial agreement is settled before submitting the payment; models will not be obliged to perform or deliver any type of content only in cases where payment is sent without prior knowledge.

Please use our contact form to report any model that did not provide you with the service that you purchased or that you believe is trying to scam clients. Be sure to include all relevant details regarding the incident (including IM and/or email correspondence if available) as well as the model’s profile name on CamModelDirectory. We will investigate the event and respond to your report within 24 hours.

Note that CamModelDirectory will vigorously fight all fraudulent chargebacks. We have a very good track record of successfully winning disputes in which clients make false claims in order to avoid paying for shows that they willingly purchased.



Yes. In order to buy credits and then use those to purchase services with models, you must first create a CMD member account. Once you create a member account, you can add funds to your account, and use those funds to purchase any service with any model on the site.




There are five primary benefits afforded to CMD members. First, members are able to leave reviews of models. Second, members are not be required to enter credit card details after the first purchase. They only need to enter the CVV of the card and accept the terms of service, making the purchase process much quicker and easier. Third, members are able add funds to their account that can then be used to purchase services with models. This makes the purchase process simpler and reduces the number of charges to your credit card. Fourth, members are able to add models to a list of favorites. And finally, CMD members can purchase videos that the models have for sale.




No. Recording a show without the consent of the model is a copyright violation. If you want a video of any model you can contact her to arrange for a custom video. Any person caught recording a Skype session will be banned from using CamModelDirectory.




If you end the call before you have used all the time you purchased, the model is under no obligation to give you another show at a future date to make up for any unused minutes. She may do so at her discretion, but she is not obligated to do so. CamModelDirectory will NOT provide any refunds for unused minutes. To avoid this situation, only purchase the amount of time you plan to use with the model.



Do you like to engage in adult chat sessions with beautiful women and men?
Are you tired of dealing with the restrictive rules and lack of privacy on big-box chat sites?
Do you prefer the privacy and intimacy provided by one-on-one adult chat sessions on Skype?

Do you have trouble finding reputable webcam models for Skype dates? CamModelDirectory can help. We are the largest directory of independent webcam models providing adult chat on Skype and other video chat platforms such as Hangouts and Discord. Every model on CamModelDirectory has been verified through our extensive verification process to ensure that the model you see in the photos is the same model you will see on cam.