CMD Compliance, Service & Quality Requirements

Last Update: April 13th, 2022
Issued by: CMD CEQ Team

SECTION 1) Fore Notes – General
1.1 This document provides an overview of the minimum requirements for advertising and/or using services.
1.2 Agreements:
a) [Performer] By creating a profile on, you agree to comply with these requirements.
b) [Member/Visitor] By creating an account on or/and by purchasing a service from a Performer, you agree to comply with these requirements.
1.3 Failure to comply with these requirements may result in sanctions such as warning notifications, monetary deductions, account suspension or account termination, and, in exceptional situations, reporting to external authorities and law enforcement. CMD reserves the right to apply the above-mentioned sanctions at any time, with or without prior notice.
1.4 Definitions:
>> Performer (or Model) – service provider;
>> Member (including Visitor) also named as Customer – service consumer.
1.5 Abbreviations: |
>> CMD – CamModelDirectory, owning (the “site”);
>> CSAM – Child sexual abuse material;
>> CEQ – Customer Experience Quality Team – the internal team of the site responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance and quality metrics.

SECTION 2) Compliance Requirements
Concept: This section details the specific (external) service requirements and regulations related to online purchases from our payment processors and Visa/MasterCard or/and other regulations CMD is mandated to comply with.
1. The below-mentioned requirements are applicable to all CMD users (Performer and Member).
2. Agreements:
a) [Performer] may not advertise/sell or engage in any type of the forbidden content reflected from the requirements;
b) [Member] may not ask for or engage in any type of forbidden content reflected from the requirements. 
c) [Performer] [Member] You will not use CMD to engage in any form of harassment or offensive behavior, including, but not limited to, the posting or sharing of any message, picture, or recording content, even for personal use; the above-mentioned may be libelous, slanderous, harassing, abusive or contain defamatory statements; or racist, obscene, offensive or another language which is not in accordance with your local laws and community standards.
d) It is the responsibility of each user (Performer or Member) to immediately report the issue to the CMD Support team in case you have received a request for a service involving forbidden content, you have noticed, or have been exposed to such content or/and in case of any suspicion related to forbidden content reflected from the requirements and conducted in the site.

2.1 Child exploitation & CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material), Age Play
2.1.1 [Performer & Member] may not allow anyone on cam who is under the age of 18.
2.1.2 [Performer & Member] may not engage in acts that depict or describe persons under the age of 18 or appear to be under the age of 18. This includes fantasy and role-plays scenarios such as age play, ABDL, and DDLG.
2.1.3 At CMD, there is a zero-tolerance policy related to child exploitation/CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Material), written or visual. In case of the slightest suspicion, the account in question is immediately and permanently closed, and the appropriate authorities will be contacted. Also, if required (in case of a report and according to specific law requirements), CMD reserves the right to hold/freeze Performer’s available funds (partially or total) for a period of time of a minimum of 1 (one) year. The list of these above-mentioned actions (consequences) may differ depending on the specifics of each case and depending on the indications received from authorities in charge of conducting the legal procedures of this crime.
2.1.4 In case a Performer or a Member has a suspicion, knows about a child exploitation/CSAM crime or receives any request of delivering a service involving child exploitation/ CSAM, it is the legal responsibility of the Performer to report the incident to CMD. Reports will be submitted to support or using any other official support channel.
2.1.5 Owning and sharing/distribution of child exploitation/CSAM content is strictly prohibited.
CMD is a sponsor of ASACP. Read more about ASACP here:
2.2 Incest and Incest Fantasies
2.2.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in incest and/or incest fantasies, including any fantasy about a family member. No family relations, period.
2.3 Forced / Non-Consensual Sexual Activity
2.3.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts depicting (whether real or simulated) rape, forced sex acts, sleeping, intoxication, hypnosis, etc. This includes rape sex, rape fantasies, or other non-consensual content (even if consented to) including abduction fantasies and forced intoxication.
2.4 Bestiality
2.4.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts depicting or describing sex with animals, nor acts with non-human creatures (aliens, mythological creatures, etc.).
2.5 Animal Cruelty
2.5.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts of animal cruelty, including crushing.
2.6 Hate Crimes
2.6.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts that could be considered hate crimes. This includes race play and the use of racial slurs.
2.7 Violence and Pain
2.7.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts of violence or extreme pain.
2.7.2 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts of mutilation of a person or body part.
2.8 Blood
2.8.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts that depict blood (real or simulated) including “period play”.
2.8.2 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts of cutting, piercing, or needle play.
2.9 Scat / Urine / Vomit / Lactation
2.9.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts depicting or displaying human feces (poo), urine (pee), vomit (puke), or lactation, whether real or simulated.
2.10 Illegal Drugs
2.10.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts depicting or displaying illegal drug use or drug paraphernalia. This includes all drugs currently considered illegal by the United States federal law, including marijuana.
2.11 Escort / Prostitution
2.11.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in 1to1 (in person) meetings and/or escort or prostitution services.
2.12 Used Underwear / Panties
2.12.1 [Performer & Member] are not allowed to use CMD for services such as selling/buying used, dirty, or worn underwear/panties.
2.13 Blasphemy
2.13.1 [Performer & Member] may not advertise/request or engage in acts that may be considered offensive to a certain religious group, including without limitation to religious objects, photos, etc.
2.14 Copyright Infringement
2.14.1 Performer may not use copyrighted materials such as music, video, photos, or any other infringing materials.
2.14.2 CMD may not be used to transmit, route, provide connections to, or store any material that infringes the copyrighted works or violates or promotes the violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party.
2.15 TeamViewer/Self-Payment/Blackmail
2.15.1 Performer is not allowed to access a customer’s computer regardless if they are given permission by the client.
2.15.2 Performer is not allowed to gather a client’s Credit Card or personal information with or without permission of the client to make a payment to themselves.
2.15.3 Blackmail FANTASY ROLE-PLAY is allowed. Real blackmail is not. You cannot gain access to their personal information with the intent to blackmail/extort money from them or expose them.
2.16 The following words may not be used in ANY way in the Performer’s profile or advertisements. This includes using the word to describe acts that you will NOT do. 
List: Abuse, Alcohol, Animal, Asphyxia, Asphyxiate, Asphyxiation, Beastiality, Bestiality, Bled, Bleed, Bleeding, Blood, Brutal, Brutality, Brutalization, Child, Chloroform, Choke, Coerced, Choking, Daughter, Disgrace, Drug, Drugged, Drugs, Enema, Drunk, Father, Fecal, Fetal, Foetal, Force, Forced, Forcing, Hypno, Hypnosis, Hypnotise, Hypnotize, Incapacitate, Incapacitation, Incest, Infant, Intoxicate, Intoxication, Involuntarily, Kidnap, Kill, Lactate, Lactation, Liquor, Menstrual, Menstruate, Molest, Molestation, Molested, Mother, Murder, Mutilate, Mutilation, Necrophilia, Pistol, Passed out, Pedophilia, Rape, Raping, Rapist, Scat, Sedate, Sedation, Sedative, Shit, Sleep, Slumber, Smother, Snuff, Son, Suffocate, Suffocation, Torture, Unconscious, Underage, Unwilling, Violate, Violation.

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SECTION 3) Internal Service and Quality requirements
Concept: This section details the additional set of requirements applicable to Performers using CMD. These have been issued with the purpose of ensuring and enhancing the quality of the provided services.
3.1 Personal Websites
3.1.1 Performer may post links to a personal website, advertising website, or social media page, this includes Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, personal website,, or similar advertising websites. As a courtesy,  CMD asks for the Performer if advertising other sites, to promote CMD on the added personal link or advertising link.
3.1.2 Performer may not post links to profiles on competing sites that solicit outside payments such as OnlyFans, similar websites, or other direct competition.
a) Performer is not permitted to post OnlyFans or other websites as word, nor any other abbreviation of the word;
b) Performer is not permitted to use OnlyFans or other websites for tribute/Unlock payments promoted in CMD;
c) Performer is not permitted to use OnlyFans or other websites as logo/media content watermark;
d) Performer may only promote OnlyFans or other websites in Allmylinks or similar advertising platforms.
3.1.3 Performer is not permitted to post links/URLs on CMD to the following types of websites:
a) Sites that offer Merchandise-only (wish-lists are allowed);
b) Websites that solicit payment outside CMD for a competitive service including phone calls, webcam, tributes/donations, and recorded content.
3.2 Couples
3.2.1 In order to get verified and use CMD with a couple account, the following requirements must be met:
a) All the participants must have Verified CMD Accounts;
b) Uploaded content has to contain only Verified CMD Performers;
c) Uploaded content has to contain pictures of all participants;
3.3 Minimum price to charge
3.3.1 Performer must charge a minimum of $2.47 per minute (or higher) for all pay-per-minute sessions.
3.3.2 Also, Performer is required to charge the same $2.47 per minute as a reference (or higher) for the other services. This includes:
a) adult and non-adult sessions;
b) selling a block of time or any other similar services (ex “packages”);
c) audio, texting/sexting sessions.
d) couples
3.4 Categories
3.4.1 a) Performer can choose a category from the ones listed on the website that will be approved or not by the Internal CEQ Team. The approval will be done based on the documents used for registration. In other words, Ex [1] – a model from the US can pick the US category but can’t select Latina or European, same as Ex [2] – a model from Europe can select the European category but can’t choose US or Latina.
b) Depending on the selected and approved category, the Performer must display a corresponding country. For privacy reasons, the Performer is not required to display the real country/location but a country in accordance with the selected Category;
3.4.2 If a Performer requests to change the category (Ex – lives in another country/region) to the one reflected in the documents, additional documents might be requested. If the case, all details will be provided at the time of the request.
3.4.3 If a Performer requests to change the category to US categories, the following conditions need to be met:
a) Proof of US residency, minimum 5 years;  
b) Performer proves a proficient level of English;
If this is the case, all details will be provided at the time of the request.
3.5 Service standards
3.5.1 Performer has the obligation to display (publicly) the price of the provided services or to provide this information to each customer (privately) before the delivery of the service. 
3.5.2 If the Performer provides several types of services (especially with varying prices) this should be mentioned on the public profile or pricing information should be provided to each Member (privately) before the delivery of the service.
3.5.3 If the Performer is providing only audio/texting services, this should be clearly specified in the public profile description. Profiles lacking such a description would be considered as the Performer’s confirmation of providing video service.
*Note – Performers offering a video service will always have a higher position in the ranking.
3.5.4 Performer will use the online status only when online and available to provide the advertised service/services.
3.5.5 Performer is not allowed to share any contact information with CMD Members. Additionally, unless it represents a paid service accepted by CMD, the Performer is not allowed to initiate or engage in any interactions outside the platform, this includes using Telegram, Instagram, Discord, WhatsApp, etc.  
3.6 Accepted and Forbidden payment options at CMD
3.6.1 The payment options accepted in CMD are: guest prepaid/guest checkout, regular private/prepaid shows, tips, videos selling, or pay per minute. 
3.6.2 [Performer & Member] are not allowed to propose or/and accept any alternative direct payment (concept: external/outside payments) such as PayPal, Amazon, Western, bank transfer, etc. CMD has a zero-tolerance policy in regard to this aspect, any infringements will be immediately sanctioned.
3.7 Language requirements and clarifications
3.7.1 Performer has the right to list any language in the category of spoken languages (“Speaks”) as long as the information is correct.
3.7.2 Performer can list English if from/residing in an English-speaking country or if masters English at a proficient level (applicable for Performers from non-English speaking countries).
3.7.3 All Performers using CMD will upload a video, concept “About me video”, in their public profile.
a) This video is required to be recorded in English. In case the video is recorded in any other language (Ex: native language of the Performer) this will be moderated and approved if meets all requirements but English will not be listed as a spoken language in the Performer’s public profile;
b) This video will be uploaded from the onboarding process, at the same time as all other steps required in the public profile setup phase. This is a requirement, no profile will be verified and made public unless having this video and being moderated by our team;
c) For Performers from non-English speaking countries (only), this will be considered as proof of their English language level. If proficient, English will be listed as a spoken language. If not proficient, it will be removed;
d) More details about the specifications of this video are presented in Section: Public profile content minimum requirements, 3.9.3.
3.7.4 Additionally, only in exceptional cases, our internal CEQ team reserves the right to further test the language level and/or to request additional information relevant to the English language level of the Performer.
3.8 Profile and advertisement photos/content
3.8.1 The Performer is not allowed to display any photo on her profile or any advertisement that displays exposed genitals, intercourse (real or simulated), or excretory functions. Bare breasts and buttocks may be shown, but any image of the genital or anal area must be covered, obscured, or blurred out.
3.8.2 The Performer can advertise and sell nude/adult content only through paid services (pay-per-minute shows, time blocks, videos, etc).
3.9 Public profile content minimum requirements 
3.9.1 Minimum 10 profile pictures with a minimum of 3 (clear) face pictures. Pictures have to be at a minimum resolution [HD] 1280×720. [Recommendation] Uploading more pictures will increase the Performer’s position in the ranking.
a) CMD is not demanding Performer to show their face in their profile;
b) Performer that decides to show face pictures, as in the requirements, will receive extra scoring points that will provide with a better profile placement on the website.
*Read more about why CMD recommends models to use face on their “about me” videos, as well as detailed information on the scoring algorithm that determines the placement here.
3.9.2 a) Minimum 50 words in the profile public description. [Recommendation] A more complete description (more than 50 words) will increase the Performer’s position in the ranking.
b) “Performer rules” concept presentation and requirements:
b1) “Performer rules” is an independent section included in the public profile description;
b2) Purpose: In this section, the Performer will be addressing/publishing all rules that a Member/Visitor should be reading before an interaction/payment;
b3) Name of the concept: can be used with the recommended “Performer rules” or similar;
b4) This section is required for all CMD Performers from the onboarding phase. The public profile will not be listed before having this section in the description;
b5) Location in the public profile description: the top side of the description;
b6) In case the Performer is not showing the face in the public profile content or in the shows, this mention needs to be clearly stated in this section;
b7) In case a Performer will not refund a member because there was not an initial agreement or consent to the session, this clarification needs to be clearly stated in this section;
b8) The section can be used at the Performer’s decision for any other rules (that do not contravene CMD ToS and/or any other CMD policies) that the Performer wants to address using this section.
3.9.3 Performer will upload a video, concept “About me video” with the following specifications: 
a) Purpose of the video – Performer presentation (for the Member/Visitor);
b) Video length – minimum 20 seconds and minimum 50 words;
c) Video format 4:3, Video quality min [HD] 1280×720;
d) Video recorded in English;
e) Video uploaded in videos gallery;
f) Important – This video is public. After moderated by our internal team, CMD Performer is required to keep this video in their profile at all times or (if the case) replace it with another one with the same specifications;
g) While recording the video, the Performer will be facing the camera, talking to the camera;
h) About the content of the video, this is the Performer’s decision;
j) [Recommendation only] In case the Performer needs a script recommendation, CMD is suggesting the following content – check this FAQ;
i) In case the Performer is showing the face in the video, a better profile placement on the website will be achieved.
3.9.4 Minimum 3 videos. All videos have to be at a minimum resolution [HD] 1280×720. [Recommendation] Uploading more videos will increase the Performer’s position in the ranking.
a) Video length – minimum 10 seconds;
b) All videos will be uploaded in the videos gallery or/and linked in the public profile description;
c) About the content of the videos, this remains the Performer’s decision.
3.9.5 Minimum 5 tags. Tags will be set in accordance with the type of offered services. 
3.9.6 When setting up the profile, Performer should consider the type of content they want to offer, stream, and/or provide. Meaning that pictures, videos, profile description, and types of shows, should be in accordance with the content the Performer has chosen to deliver. For example, if Performer considers that their shows are BDSM, then all their pictures, videos, types of shows, profile description, etc., should then be BDSM oriented.
3.9.7 Attitude/Tone of voice; At all times (before contracting a service, during the delivery of the service, and post-service), both Performer and Member are required to be respectful with each other, assertive, and avoid offensive language/attitude.
3.9.8 Performer will display the specifications of the used equipment (camera, internet) in the public profile content. Lacking in displaying this information may lead to the profile not being public or being public with a low ranking position.
*Note – more details about the equipment requirements are presented in Section 3.10 Equipment specifications.
3.9.9 If any of the uploaded content does not meet the above-mentioned requirements, this will be removed. All (possible) notifications and communications from our internal CEQ Team will be addressed to the Performer’s contact details (email) used for registration.
3.10 Equipment specifications
3.10.1 Performer needs to own a webcam and to stream at a minimum quality of 1080p Full HD with continuous 30 FPS.
3.10.2 Internet – minimum requirements. The performer must maintain a minimum bandwidth of 20 Mbps (upload speed) to ensure that your services are presented without interruptions or technical failures on the Performer’s end. If possible, the connection should be made by an Ethernet cable, so that a stable connection is assured.
3.10.3 In case the Performer fails to comply with the above requirements (own equipment with lower quality specifications):
a) Performer will receive a lower profile placement on the website;
b) Reports coming on technical issues (sustained with relevant proof from the Member) can lead to a Member refund.

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