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Sexual orientation
Breast size
157 cm
57 Kg
joi, cei, mistress, sph, roleplay, cuckold, stockings, lingerie, milf, bigtits, dirtytalk, strapon, allnatural, kinky, garters, bigtoys, horny, petite, stilettos, experienced


I am kinky and interested in a lot of different things BUT I do follow the rules of the site and will NOT break any to risk my profile so do let me know your desire for a show before sending payment so that we can make sure the show is a go. I am a size queen and love big toys in my pussy but sorry I do NOT do any anal...

I do enjoy roleplay and can be your teacher or a friend's mother
(or many other scenarios let's brain storm ideas together)
I am VERY naughty and immerse myself in any role that I play.
You will definitely have fun with this naughty girl !

$25 for a five minute show $4 minute for a show that is 10 minutes or longer

I use a logitech HD webcam for my shows Resolution: 1920X1080.
I speak fluent English (sorry I do not know any other languages).

Only payment sent with CMD will be accepted for a show with me

My name is Cinnamon and I am definitely as Naughty as I look with a sweet side too. I am switch. My submissive side is shown as a fuckslut cock whore. I love to show off what a size queen I am and have huge toys to use for you but I can also strap my big toys on too! Add me on skype to discuss a show... my name on there is kinkycinnamon

Financial Domme: I will drain your wallet. Encouraging you to Max your credit and debit cards. Your addiction for me will only get stronger and you will give me your money for little in return from me. The tidbits of attention I will give to you will make your day....making you want to give me MORE to get more

I have a BONDAGE belt, spreader bar, ball gag, leather paddle, cock cage, whips and masks...

JERK OFF INSTRUCTION: one of my most favorite things to share with you. Telling you exactly how I want you to touch it while I fuck myself. Give you detailed instructions on when to start...when to stop. How to stroke it and when to let go. How fast and how slow

Bi-encouragement: I want you to think about cock and how much you want to worship it. Teach you how to be a pro cock sucker. You want to feel the power of your mouth making a cock grow while you suck it don't you? Lick the balls.....rim and tongue fuck ass. Feel the enjoyment of a job well done as you make that cock cum all over your face and into your mouth. I will even encourage you to find a real man too

ASS WORSHIP: You want to smell and taste it? Kiss and lick my dirty hole....paying me to adore my ass and jerk your dick while you do so


SEX THERAPIST: Do you need to talk to someone about your kinks and fantasies that will not judge you and support you. I will help you to expand your mind and open your desires. I have twenty years experience doing what I do and will share my knowledge of many things with you. Don't be shy I am not easily offended and I may even get you to explore new and exciting kinks

TEASE AND DENIAL : I love a good EDGING session... knowing that fine line is an art that I am VERY good at. I can sense when you are close and will abrubtly stop you and bring you to the edge over and over. When you do cum it will be INCREDIBLE!!

I will always keep you wanting MORE

SISSIFICATION: I will transform you into a feminine slut. You will wear panties all the time
( under your pants while you are at work too ) You would have SO much fun with my wardrobe. I want you to wear camisoles and bras and stockings and heels

Train your pussy to take big cock and squirt for me

I am in a real life CUCKOLD relationship and appreciate a guy who is intelligent enough to realize that if he is not able to satisfy with the cock he has... it is best to admit it and enjoy watching a huge cock that truly satisfies your woman.

I have an open mind and a devious imagination and I enjoy ROLE PLAY. Are you turned on by an older woman? I can be your best friend's mother or the naughty neighbor that seduces you....Or maybe you are a really close friend of my son? I am SO naughty I really immerse myself in the role. Do you have any fetishes or fantasies you wish to share with me? Send me a message I am very easy to talk to... I want to get naughty with you

I have tons of outfits and lingerie, fur coats, Corsets and gloves, Wigs and various heels to wear for you. Bodysuits and fishnet. Shiny and slutty is my favorite. Teddies and camisoles, denim and leather. I would love to dress up for you

WARNING: I am addictive and HOMEWRECKING is another specialty. Does your wife wear slutty lingerie and fuck you when you want? Or does she just nag you? I will fuck you SO much better than she does.

Your cum and money belong to ME... not her

I am online evenings into early morning. Send me a message anytime. If I do not reply I am either already busy or just taking a break. I will always get back to you so be patient....


11 months ago

Had a fantastic show with Cinnamon. She is a truly is naughty and will seek to fully understand your desires. You can ...

11 months ago

She's a total pro.. If you're looking for one hot milf who totally knows how to please as well as have fun herself, she...

1 year ago

Absolute star! Garter just gave me a superbly enthusiastic show, just what I was asking for!

1 year ago

Great experience. She really knows how to fulfill my fantasy!

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