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In your head, always, Poland
Sexual orientation
Breast size
171 cm
56 Kg
joi, roleplay, goddess, findom, bigtits, femdom, dirtytalk, edging, joe, biglips, cuckoldress, naturalboobs, lipfetish, homewrecking, dildosucking, lipfillers, cocktease

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Green dot on Skype does not mean I am here or available. I cannot talk when I am busy but I will always respond when I have a chance. I love the possibility to connect and give in. I love long conversations that last for days while the tension builds up.

I have been a performer for over 10 years now and I love what I do.

If you want to prepay, please do not send $$ for a show without talking to me first. I might be busy or away and I am not online exclusively. $$ sent without checking if I am available and discussing the scenario will be lost.

If you end the call sooner remaining $$ will not be transferred towards next time.

No recording allowed - if I notice that I am being recorded in any way, I will end the call immediately. No refunds.


12 MP camera (iPhone 12), Blue Yeti Nano, 300 Mb/s fiber connection.


I am the secret you never tell...

This means anything you want... I love making any fantasy come true.
I enjoy adding meaning to regular shows and I am into whatever role you describe! I love when my actions have a background.
It can be something you craved to try for a long time, just did not find the right person to do it with.
I adjust to what you desire and expect -- and create a story tailored for us.

Let me blow your mind with my dirty words, sexy figure, sultry appearance, hot outfits and eyes.
I am dying to make you feel good - do not hesitate - I am here to please you.

Tell me one word and I will instantly create a whole new scenario for us.
A whole new story that you will love. I put my heart in everything I do and say.
There is too many fantasies just waiting to cum true and I want to make every single one happen.
I love talking and talking dirty so just imagine my sweet voice giving life to your deepest desires.
I like being in control but if you have a specific well-thought fantasy -
let me know about the tiniest details so I can do what you want and so I can make you happy.

What to expect when you are with me

ROLEPLAY – you are in good hands. It is my passion.
LIP FETISH – I know you cannot resist my big lips and I will use them to help you achieve a new high.
BLOWJOBS – oh, my lips do it so well! I love putting them to a good use.
TEASING - until you lose control...
DIRTY TALKING you into an orgasm - always!
HOMEWRECKING - I am a sexy little homewrecker and I find joy in trash talking your wife and telling you just how much more beautiful I am compared her. Especially knowing that she is so neglectul of your needs and has let herself go. She is not worthy of your big creamy loads. I AM.
FEMALE DOMINATION, Mindfuck and Reprogramming – I know how to get into your head and stay there for as long as I please.
OFFICE DOMINATION – a good Boss will always find something to discipline her employee for.
EDGING you to hell and back because I love watching your cock throbb with frustration when I make you stop.
FANTASY ROLEPLAY - I will get what I want and I know enough sex techniques to get it!
LOSER & BETA BITCH HUMILIATION - trash talking you into becoming an even bigger pervert as you dream of exposure and beg for my permission to stroke. BTW, you might have control in your day-to-day life but when you are with me I am the one who takes over.
DIRECT EYE CONTACT while I work my way inside you.
FINDOM, FINANCIAL DOMINATION – your Goddess knows how to please you and it is only fair if you show her how much you enjoyed it.
FEMBOT, ROBOT, ANIMATRONIC and DOLL FETISH - especially during malfunction. My wires are all messed up. I was programmed to do specific activities but anything can happen.
JOI, JERK OFF INSTRUCTIONS – I would love to guide you through every glide, stroke, rub, squeeze and pat…
STRIPTEASE, slow-dancing in good angles and positions.
CEI, CEE, CUM EATING INSTRUCTIONS and ENCOURAGEMENT – I know it probably turns you on until you climax, but I have my ways to teach you how to do it in order to succeed!
CUCKOLDING - I have been such a bad wife... do you want to hear about it, hubby?
SPH, SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - do you have a teeny tiny cock? Will I need a magnifying glass? I want to see and have a laugh.
SISSIFICATION – because even the best sissies can look, behave and talk even better!

My toys and accessories

Realistic dildos, ejaculating toys (Super Cum Jizzer 2000) nipple clamps, pasties, nipple covers, paddle, whip, tiny cock for Small Panis Humiliation (SPH), collar & leash, cuffs, leather, gloves, glasses, ball gag, latex, plastic lips, stethoscope, belts, jewelry, heels, sandal heels, gym shoes, stockings, over-the-knee socks, cock rings, magnifying glass, shoe laces, colorful wigs, any lipstick color you can imagine.

My outfits

I always make sure to look jaw-droppingly hot. My wardrobe holds many inspiring, vivid, tight, cleavage-friendly secrets. I love to look elegant but with a naughty twist.

I can dress like the woman that you wanted to have some fun with for the longest time! Tell me about your fantasy scenario, a situation detail, a specific outfit and I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN - just the way you want it. With a bit of imagination, everything is possible. Is there anyone you want me to be?


Sexting is $2.5/min with photos.


Ask me!


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