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Winchester, United Kingdom
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155 cm
49 Kg
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⛔talking about the show SHOULD'T TURN INTO free sexting !

  • As i am understanding with many situations , we of course will talk for a little about what you need and what show we should have but there is a line i cross at "and what will you do if , and how will you strip , and in what position etc..." That is sexting and it should be paid before so be respectful . And if you want a show but you don't know what kind of , then i'll give you my time in a paid JUST CHATTING session to figure that out

⛔Don't patronase me ! I am NOT submissive

  • I am not interested in DOM men . I offer my time and atention to you for a cost you agree on ,but my body is only mine , so don't behave like you're in any control over me or my actions or you own me in any way

⛔Respect your appointment and the time i booked for you!

  • If we have a prepaid session appointed and you can't make it in time,please let me know beforehead! I might be understsanding once but don't make it a habbit . I am pretty busy so if I don't let anyone have a show becuase i'm expecting you and you don't arrive and don't let me know , that time for me is wasted and unpaid (in the situation where we will have later or next day the session you paid for)

⛔YOU MSG ME but you don't remember where you found me and who i am!

  • OK,so you msg me on a sunday ,or during a holiday, or when i'm offline .. And i get back on your message next day or a few days later. And then it takes you another few days to respond ,during this time i understand you might have msg the entire site looking for your show by then. But see it from my view how annoying it is .You say hello... i get back toy you,ask you how are u,how can i help ..and then you ask me who am i,what is my rate , what do i do in shows ... AM I WRITING ALL THIS FOR NOTHING? Such a turn off to start that again and makes me question the amount of quality i'll put in a session with you having the fact that you don't care much anyway .TO AVOID this situation, take my advice from the rules from the top of the page , and when you first msg me ,be a little descriptive with why you contacted me in the first place
  • example of first approach i want from you

    " >Hi,Ameli ! I am X from CMD . I seen your profile and i'm interested in a session/content with you about x and y . what do you think ? "       Also as a bonus for reading until here , you get ten percent discount for ALL your regular shows [not special ones] . to assure me you did read profile , .Copy paste and send me this: "rules. schedule,prices,about me, what i offer , turn on,turn off, law enforcement " and you'll have the lifetime discount for Pay-Per-Minute :) .


  • I know,we all negotiate at some point trying to get what we want . But don't forget i'm a realtor so i won't back down much either if you start that game with me :) Personally i'm gonna be a lil turned off by you if you come on this kind of approach because it makes me feel that you have disprespect towards me and my time , since we're gonna waste precious time with the bargle and also the session might not even happen eventually ,yet in that frame i could have done anything better with my life ,but you decide to waste it :) If you do want to make an offer that is different than my rates,think of it well before you tell me about it , make sure it sounds worthy , knowing all that i wrote on this profile and what i like to get

⛔I ONLY WANT/ I JUST WANT .... can i pay less?

  • NO! DO NOT start with you only want.. (to see your feet,boobs,face,you to humiliate, to talk, to WATCH ME,be your slave etc) . That won't make a good point at all for me because i don't work like that with people. I will repeat myself.... even if you only want something that you think is less effort for me to do than other actions , MY TIME that i will spend on that will be the same , therefore i won't lower the price if your reason start with that phrase

If you don't see above something that might interest you to try out , don't be shy and feel free to ask me



If you purchase or receive any photo,video session show,vioce message ,content or any service from me that doesen't mean you have the right to OWN THEM ! You can watch them alone but you can't share,record ,republish,post,send or use them in any other matter because it is ILLEGAL

  • Any copying, redistribution, or sharing of content without express written permission will result in LEGAL ACTION. I have a DMCA lawyer who loves nothing more than to sue those who infringes these terms.

    Is It Illegal?

  • Yes. Sharing or publicizing intimate images without your consent is against both civil and criminal law.

    What Is the Punishment?

  • In the criminal case, it will be a felony charge, punishable by up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. . If you are under 18, depending on the circumstances, the perpetrator may also be charged with crimes related to pornography.
    In a civil case, examples include claims of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, recovery for economic damages, lost earnings, and attorney’s fees. The perpetrator could be ordered to pay for the emotional and economic damages. How much money that is will depend on the facts of my case :)
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