About Alice Cupcake

Boston, MA, United States
Sexual orientation
Breast size
164 cm
56 Kg
US East Coast
blonde, gfe, feet, bigass, girlfriend, american, allnatural, fitness, british, fit, muscular, smallboobs, friendly, european, athletic, exotic, moan, superbooty

*Performing without a mask today, show me it's worth it:)

I'm a rare combination of the finest of a number of worlds. I am American from an Eastern European family, who grew up around Commonwealth countries and has a vaguely British accent. A dancer and a former yoga teacher, I also know how to move my body with sensuality and openness - all to bring you pleasure.

I've seen a lot of shows with crazy tricks, and I realized that I find them entertaining, but not exciting. In my shows, I focus on authentic connection and joint exploration. They feature a nice gal with a nice body, nice moves and some wild moans that I cannot hold back. I will always take time to get to know you, and give you the attention you may not be getting elsewhere.

I am adventurous and want to know about your bucket lists, dreams and desires, fetishes and kinks. Tell me about them. I love group play, role play and sex outdoors. The BDSM I enjoy is soft and nurturing, without extremes, humiliation or degradation. I love to be good to and for you. I enjoy sharing my body's beauty and letting you worship it. I also love to be a good girl for you and let you have command of it.

I am very naughty, but also caring, well educated and well travelled. I like social dancing, reading urban fantasy, listening to classic rock and working out. I love to build ongoing relationships most of all. Offline I am into social impact projects; I also enjoy making the world a happier place one orgasm at a time on cam. My "why" in life is to make people happier, whichever form it takes.

The dry and the boring, but unfortunately necessary... rules:

  • Read my profile
  • Be polite
  • Book for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Make arrangements with me about the show before calling
  • Tell me where you came across my listing
  • Tell me what sort of show you are looking for
  • If you end the call, then the show is considered over. This time is not saved or transferred
  • A photo is $10
  • I have a Lovense interactive toy/"vibe" - if you want to control mine, it's $3 per minute
  • Any wardrobe changes and special requests are extra
  • Many are fascinated by my background. Please tip $20 if you want to play 20 questions instead of doing a show;-P

Equipment specifications: MacBook, Logitech HD 1080p Camera
Speed test: Download 115.97 Mbps Upload 11.69 MBps

Interactive toys

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